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If you are going to a dentist regularly from when you are very young, the clinic should have an idea of when your wisdom teeth would need to be removed. Those teeth would need to be pulled if they look like they will be impacted or causing you discomfort.

For most people, the age range for Wisdom Teeth Removal Mississauga is from 17 to 25 years. Obviously, that is where the name “wisdom tooth” comes from because now that you are an adult, congratulations, you now have the responsibility to have some teeth extracted!

It’s a curious feature of human kind that we still grow teeth that don’t fit in our jaw. Our so called “3rd set of molars”. For a small percent of people, they don’t have wisdom teeth at all, or just 1 or 2 or 3.  Some of them erupt through the gum lines, some become impacted. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/how-much-does-it-cost-to-have-wisdom-teeth-removed-ontario

That is why it’s important to maintain regular dental exams and x-rays to determine how your 3rd set of molars are coming in (if you have them).

What’s apparent however, is that wisdom teeth are no longer a necessary part of our lives and we can certainly live without them!