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Teeth whitening

Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates offers two kinds of professional whitening:

1) Professional In office whitening

This whitening uses a special light to speed up the process.  You sit in the chair and we apply the whitening solution.  You can do this on your lunch time (about 1 hour 30 minutes) and when you’re done, you are a several shades whiter!

2) Take home professional whitening

Stronger than the store bought stuff, the take home whitening is for people who don’t mind a little “do it yourself”.  When you are here in the office, we take special impressions of your teeth to make the whitening tray.  Then we give you the kit which includes enough whitening solution to use for a couple of weeks and get several shades whiter!

Take home whitening is a lower cost alternative.

3) How to Get Free Whitening

If you are a new patient, you may qualify for a discount or even free whitening!  Please go here to see the details.