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Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal Mississauga

Wisdom teeth – also called the third set of molars – are the last set of teeth we expect to grow in our lives.

For some people, they grow and are properly aligned and function just as any other teeth. But for the majority of us humans, our jaw sizes are too small and the wisdom teeth become misaligned and even impacted and need to be pulled out.

This is very common and routine procedure that millions of people have. At Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates, we are here to help you through this process. 

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Impacted wisdom teeth might not immediately present symptoms and there may be no pain. Regular dental x-rays will reveal how they move and if they are impacting adjacent teeth. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, it might be time to look at having them extracted:


  • You are experiencing tooth decay.
  • Your gums are red or bleeding in the area, possibly indicating infection.
  • You are experiencing pain or swelling in your mouth such as your gums and jaw.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

The first step to dealing with painful wisdom teeth and determining if an extraction and removal is necessary is to seek the advice of a dentist. You can book a appointment to discuss your symptoms and future removal treatment. When you meet with your dentist, they can examine your wisdom teeth and take an x-ray to determine the cause of the pain. Generally, dentists will recommend wisdom teeth extraction, especially if they are impacted. The extraction surgery is fairly simple, especially if your dentist finds a serious issue with your wisdom teeth or you have  severe pain.

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

There are three simple steps involved in this routine removal procedure. Remember, practically everyone goes through it around the same time of their life.

Examining Your Teeth


As you grow into your late teens and early twenties, we are always examining the state of your wisdom teeth and how your jaw develops. At some point, your wisdom teeth might become impacted and they are deemed to be too disruptive to your oral health and a tooth or teeth will need to be extracted, otherwise complications to your health can arise.


Dental Extraction Appointment


At your initial exam appointment at our office in Mississauga, we will go over dental extraction process with you. Our team will walk you through the procedure, the removal surgery, with what to expect and how to prepare. 

Based on your level of comfort, we can give you laughing gas or oral sedation to avoid any pain. Once you are comfortable, we use minimally invasive, painless techniques to remove teeth as quickly as possible but carefully to ensure a healthy recovery after your extraction. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After your wisdom teeth are removed, it’s important that a friend or family member bring you home and to watch over you will you recover. You will be given a guide on what to do, eat and how to care for your healing gums and mouth. We will follow up with you but if you need help, we are only a phone call away.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction Mississauga

Some people fear that getting their wisdom teeth extracted will cost a lot. The typical cost of removing one wisdom tooth is between $130 to $940 on average.  The reason the price can vary so much is due to how complex the wisdom teeth extraction is.

Typically, the surgery cost depends on how many teeth will be removed, the position of the wisdom teeth in the jawbone, infection level and the level of sedation needed.

If you need to remove all four wisdom teeth, it can cost you around $520 to $3,800.

We are committed to ensuring your health and care while relieving you of pain and discomfort. We offer flexible payment plans depending on your financial needs.

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We have long standing relationships with thousands of our patients and community that go back several decades.

In-Office Pain Free Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Our dentist performs wisdom tooth extractions on-site. You will not need to book separate appointments for an external oral surgeon.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Consultation

If you are in pain or have impacted wisdom teeth and require wisdom teeth removal in Mississauga, contact us at Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates for an appointment with one of our wisdom tooth extraction dentists! If you have questions about dental extractions, the appointment, the procedure or the surgery, you can also call us for free, friendly professional advice.

Our Patient Google Reviews

Read through our gallery of verified patient Google reviews about our dental services and wisdom teeth extractions in Mississauga.  Some of these patients and their families have been with us for decades. At Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates, we don’t just focus on the quality of dental work but also patient relationships with our office.

Tina Tit
Tina Tit
I'm a regular at the place , Dr Jenny is a faviorate and a very insightful and professional ,informative doctor. Dr Bai is a great general dentist and the whole crew including Micheal feel like family , the best in the Mississauga area. Reccomend this place for sure.
JJ Dynomite
JJ Dynomite
Very professional office. Everyone is welcoming and friendly!
sandeep joshi
sandeep joshi
I have visited the clinic a couple of times for dental procedures and the staff is really friendly and all the doctors are humble and wel qualified. The good thing is that the environment is so friendly that it eases out the fear and anxiety right away.
Marcus Belardi
Marcus Belardi
I have been going to this office for 30 years. Always pleasant. I feel like they take good care of me and are very kind. I don't live in Mississauga anymore but i still make the time to go back.
Schere Pocha
Schere Pocha
I have been a patient of Dr. Bobby Brown for 20 years. He is very knowledgeable, personable and a great dentist! I always feel confident I am receiving the best care. You are greeted at the reception by Michael & Vanessa who know your name, share a riddle and make you feel so welcomed. Urszula the dental assistant and Engy the hygienist are both great to work with. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs.
Lizbeth Mendonca
Lizbeth Mendonca
I am blessed to have an awesome team to look after my dental health. Michael and Vanessa at the front desk are always so welcoming and make me feel at ease right away. Michael takes special efforts to do the paperwork and make sure I receive the best possible coverage from my benefits plan. The dental team is very professional and I have confidence in their expertise.
Annette Heikamp
Annette Heikamp
Dr. Brown and his team are amazing. Very accommodating and they take their time and do a great job. I would highly recommend them!
anand kanhe
anand kanhe
Starting from front office, Michael and Vanessa takes good care of you and are considerable in booking a slot for you in busy schedule. I personally have done 3 fillinds and 12 scaling sessions, the results were pretty good. Not t only they treat us but educate to how to maintain oral hygiene in detailed way. My wife and 11 year old kid also went under same treatment and very much satisfied with it. Preeti did a great work for our scaling. Thank you so much for helping my family achieving healthy smiles.
andrew h
andrew h
I've attended this office for a year now. The hygiene team is exceptional with a gentle touch and genuine empathy. Dr. Brown has shown himself to be as capable as his reputation - kind, gentle, skilled, quick, patient, with a great sense of humor. My entire family attend this office and will continue to deal w Dr. Brown and his team

Wisdom Tooth Removal Aftercare Dos and Don’ts

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – After Procedure Dos

  • Wait around 5 days before eating solid foods
  • For appetizers, eat room temperature soups
  • For main courses, eat soft foods such as pasta, mashed or pureed fruits and vegetables.
  • For desserts, eat pudding and jell-o
  • For liquids, drink juice, smoothies, milk and water

24 Hours After Surgery Don’ts

  • No spitting
  • No mouth rinsing
  • No blowing your nose
  • No drinking using a straw
  • No smoking

Recovery – Don’ts For a Couple of Weeks

  • No touching the extraction site
  • Try to avoid hot drinks and foods
  • No taking aspirin
  • Avoid physical activities and exercise – no going to the gym.
  • Try to smoke less.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Get Wisdom Teeth?


Wisdom teeth usually come in when you are in your late teens such as 17 to early adulthood around 25 – hence the name, “wisdom teeth”. Curiously, some people never get wisdom teeth and some might only get one or two because their mouths grow different. For most people, their jaw bone has evolved over many generations to be too small for proper wisdom teeth growth and experience symptoms, pain and need those teeth extracted.

How Do I Know if I have Wisdom Teeth?


The good news is that the knowledge of whether you have wisdom teeth and if they need extraction or not won’t sneak up on you. Over the course of your early life, if you regularly get dental exams during your appointment at Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates in Mississauga, we will be able to see if you have them from the dental x-rays. From there, we can monitor them to see if the teeth are impacted and when the wisdom teeth would need to be extracted or removed.


Do I Have to Remove My Wisdom Tooth?


We would only do the extraction if dental exams and x-rays determine that the way they are growing would be detrimental to your health and your other teeth. Are they impacted? Are the teeth causing cavities and jaw pain? Are the wisdom teeth going to cause an infection or swelling in your jaw. We wouldn’t want to suffer if it can be prevented with a short painless procedure. Complications can arise due to impacted teeth that can affect your health and your smile.


How Long Does it Take to Recover From the Extraction?

We recommend rest for 3 or 4 days after the surgical procedure and have a family member or friend help you during this time. Full recovery from the tooth extractions could take up to 2 weeks. However, the healing process is sped up if you take it easy and rest. Don’t poke at the area of your gums, over exert yourself and follow the general aftercare guidelines.

What are Some Complications of Removal?

Occasionally, there are wisdom teeth removal side effects. Some complications may develop after a wisdom tooth extraction. The most common is “dry socket”. A dry socket can cause an ache or pain like a tooth ache, and may cause an unpleasant taste or smell in your mouth. If you suspect you have dry socket, call your dentist right away. They can flush any debris out of the socket and cover it with medicated dressing which will need to be changed frequently until the socket heals properly.

Another possible complication post dental surgery is infection. If you experience a high fever or discharge from the extraction site as well as pain and swelling which doesn’t subside within a few days after the surgery, this is another instance where you should call your dentist, who will clean the infected area and prescribe antibiotics to help you fight the infection.

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