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Dental Crowns in Mississauga – Free, Friendly Advice on Natural Looking and Durable Crowns

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Crowns offer a permanent solution to missing teeth or damaged teeth. They are cemented on top of damaged teeth or dental implants to fill the gap in your smile.

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    Give Your Teeth the Royal Treatment With Dental Crown Restoration

    A crown is described as “dental restoration”, meaning that it helps to restore your teeth back to their original state prior to the chip, crack or break. There are other ways to do this as well (veneers, bridges and implants to name a few) but the crown may be a better solution than some other options because it completely encircles a tooth, covering all weaknesses.

    What is the Price of a Dental Crown in Mississauga?

    The price of a crown ranges between $800 and $1500. The reason why there is such a wide range is because it depends on the particular tooth you are getting crowned, the materials used. Also, the price you pay depends on your dental insurance plan. A lot of plans cover crowns if needed as a medical necessity, so you may only pay a fraction of the price ranging from 50% to 100% of the fee.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Crowns

    Why Would I Need a Crown?

    You could need a crown for any number of reasons, some of which might be a little surprising. For example, not only can crowns be used to cover a broken, cracked, misshaped or chipped tooth but is could also be used to cover a dental implant, after a root canal to protect the tooth, or just to fix a weak tooth in general if assessed by the dentist.

    Can I Get a Gold Tooth?

    Yes you can! You can choose from a massive range of materials for crowns and could feasibly end up with a rainbow for teeth every time you smile. Metal teeth made of gold alloys, palladium alloys, nickel alloys, chromium alloys or other types of metal are actually considered to be desirable because they rarely chip or break and can actually last the best out of all your options in the long term. 

    You can also choose to have crowns made or porcelain, resin or ceramic. The material you choose will have an impact on how much your crown actually costs so you may want to consider that as a point before you choose one particular type. Resin ones tend to be the cheapest with metal ones being the most expensive and porcelain and ceramic crowns being the most natural looking. Take your pick!

    Temporary or Permanent Crowns

    When you initially go into the dentist’s office to ask for a crown or are offered one, you may well be offered a temporary crown. These are usually made on site out of acrylic or composite so they can be fitted to protect the relevant tooth immediately. An impression will then be taken and a permanent crown will be made in a lab and fitted at a later date. This can take a few weeks depending on what you want so whether or not you want a temporary crown in the meantime is your decision.

    Can I Eat what I Like with a Crown?

    Depends whether you have a temporary or permanent crown. If you have a temporary crown then you need to stay clear of any sticky foods or hard foods that could stick to or break it. The same goes for a crown that has been fitted for less than a week. However, if you have had a crown fitted for quite a while then you should just be careful.

    In conclusion, you have probably found out a lot of new and surprising information on crowns. Needless to say they are amongst the most popular cosmetic solutions to the problem of cracked, chipped broken, worn or discolored teeth. Whether you need a crown or want one as a result of the gold alloy option, the possibilities are out there. With crowns, you will soon find your beautiful smile restored to its full glory!

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