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Dental Bridges in Mississauga – Free, Friendly Advice on Natural Looking, Long Lasting Teeth Bridges

  • Replace your teeth and restore gaps in your smile using a long lasting, natural looking prosthesis.
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What is a Dental Bridge?

Simply put, a dental bridge is a natural looking, fixed dental prosthesis used to replace one or more of your missing teeth.  As a bridge, it needs support from  your natural teeth or dental implants to hold it in place.  A bridge fills in the gaps to help you smile with confidence and chew food with ease.

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    The Benefits

    Having one or more missing teeth, especially in an area that people can see when you smile can be very traumatic. That is why some people choose dental bridges. Here are just some of their advantages:

    • Maintains facial structure: Having missing teeth can cause a “sunken” look in the face, causing you to look older and is noticeable.  Because a bridge fixes the gap, it can reverse the sunken look.
    • Keeps your teeth in place: With missing teeth, the surrounding teeth can drift and sway over time, especially when chewing. A bridge fills in that gap and keeps them stable.
    • Keeps your ability to chew and talk properly.
    • Improves your bite.


    What is the Price of a Dental Bridge in Mississauga?

    The price of a dental bridge in Mississauga ranges between $800 and $3300 (or more). The reason why there is such a wide range is because it depends on the size of the gap (how many teeth are missing), the material used in the bridge, how much customization is needed to match the natural look of your other teeth. Also, the price you pay depends on your dental insurance plan. A lot of plans cover bridges if needed as a medical necessity, so you may only pay a fraction of the price ranging from 50% to 100% of the fee.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Bridges


    Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Bridge?

    You may or may not be a suitable candidate because the criteria are actually quite complex. Providing that your teeth are healthy, your bone structure is good and the root system can support a bridge, there is no reason why you cannot have a bridge.

    Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

    A tooth bridge is only that, a bridge for the gap in your smile. However, you do need to fill in the missing gap so it is just one of the solutions that your dentist can offer you. If you are missing multiple teeth, and want to spend the least amount of money and not care about maintaining removable teeth, consider  dentures. If you want something that will last you a lifetime only that costs only a bit more, tooth implants might be better suited for you.

    Can Bridges Fail?

    Yes they can – but only after several years. Bridges aren’t meant to be in your mouth for decades and can start to fail after 10 years.  After 10 years, the success rates will start to decrease rapidly. In fact, after 15 years, typically 1 in 3 bridges will fail.

    There are many options for you if you have missing teeth or expect to have a tooth extracted and dental bridges are one solution that last years, doesn’t cost a fortune and can let you eat food normally.

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