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Teeth Cleaning

Regular professional dental cleanings help prevent tooth decay and gum disease like gingivitis.

Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates - Mississauga

Dental Cleanings: Preventative care for your family.

Some people actively avoid going to get dental treatment. Levels of dental avoidance range from just don’t care to extreme anxiety. That’s ok and not uncommon. Perhaps it’s the unease of sitting in the chair with someone poking about, or it’s the cost, even dentists themselves sometimes get nervous!

However, did you know that even the small regular visits every six months can prevent serious problems later and avoid expensive treatment? Not to mention regular cleanings and checkups and help with bad breath and maintain a healthy mouth and oral health.

Here are just some of the benefits a professional teeth cleaning provides you:

  • When food and bacteria get together, they create hard tartar over time that your toothbrush can’t remove. Cleanings can help remove those stubborn tartar deposits.
  • Identify any potential cavities. Sometimes dental caries sneak up on us, so it’s important to take action ahead of time.
  • Our diet is rich with foods that stain. You can have most superficial stains like coffee, tea, wine removed.
  • Improved gum health to prevent gum recession and “long tooth” appearance.
  • A thorough check on any crowns or fillings that you have to make sure they are in top shape.

Your Teeth Cleaning At Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates: What To Expect

At each appointment, you can expect top service and attention to your personal comfort level in 3 main areas:

A Gum Health Check

Your gums play a vital role in concert with the rest of your mouth. They protect support and nourish your teeth. What we do during this stage is to check your gums to see if there is any recession or signs of gum disease like gingivitis or worse, periodontitis.

A professional cleaning might just be all you need to start to reduce any inflammation.


Every couple of years, you should have some x-rays of your teeth to see what’s going on below the surface.  It only takes a few minutes and we are on to the next stage.

Scale and Polish

This is the bread and butter of the appointment. Scaling is where your hygienist will carefully remove any hard tartar deposits using sterile dental instruments. This part makes some people nervous, but is vital for long term health of your teeth. With regular appointments, most people don’t have much scaling involved! After that, all that is left is to polish your teeth and get rid of stains. They will explain any areas you need to focus on for your part of your oral health.

That smooth, clean look and feeling after the appointment is what most patients love.

Dental Exam

At this point, the dentist will come by, and examine your x-rays. From there, he or she will look for signs of decay, cracks, grinding, state of your crowns and fillings, examine for oral cancer, and let you know if there is anything to focus on from there.

This is also the time to go over any future treatment with them, and to ask all the questions you have.

The Cost Of Teeth Cleaning In Mississauga

The cost to you, out of pocket for a dental cleaning every 6 months is dependent on whether you have dental insurance or not and also depending on how much the insurance covers.

If you don’t have insurance, than the visit can cost between $120 and $275 and that depends on  a few things such as:

  • How much scaling is needed (to get the plaque and tartar off)
  • If dental x-rays are taken.
  • Your total oral health state.
  • How long you have been since your last cleaning.

Regular professional dental cleanings are a long term investment in your oral health, your smile and help you save money on costly future treatments.

Even if it’s been a while, consider taking the first step to at least inquire about a teeth cleaning today. We will make sure you are comfortable and explain everything along the way.

Find out what your dental insurance covers

Here are some codes you can look up, to figure out your coverage: 11111-11116 which is called scaling (plaque removal). For more information, check out our dental insurance page.

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We have long standing relationships with thousands of our patients and community that go back several decades.

In-Office Teeth Cleaning

Our hygienists perform teeth cleanings on-site. You will not need to book separate appointments.

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We are open 6 days a week, early mornings, evenings and Saturdays.

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Dental Cleaning Consultation

If you need a teeth cleaning, contact us at Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates for an appointment!

Our Patients Have Been With Us For Decades, Just Read

Tina Tit
Tina Tit
I'm a regular at the place , Dr Jenny is a faviorate and a very insightful and professional ,informative doctor. Dr Bai is a great general dentist and the whole crew including Micheal feel like family , the best in the Mississauga area. Reccomend this place for sure.
JJ Dynomite
JJ Dynomite
Very professional office. Everyone is welcoming and friendly!
sandeep joshi
sandeep joshi
I have visited the clinic a couple of times for dental procedures and the staff is really friendly and all the doctors are humble and wel qualified. The good thing is that the environment is so friendly that it eases out the fear and anxiety right away.
Marcus Belardi
Marcus Belardi
I have been going to this office for 30 years. Always pleasant. I feel like they take good care of me and are very kind. I don't live in Mississauga anymore but i still make the time to go back.
Schere Pocha
Schere Pocha
I have been a patient of Dr. Bobby Brown for 20 years. He is very knowledgeable, personable and a great dentist! I always feel confident I am receiving the best care. You are greeted at the reception by Michael & Vanessa who know your name, share a riddle and make you feel so welcomed. Urszula the dental assistant and Engy the hygienist are both great to work with. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs.
Lizbeth Mendonca
Lizbeth Mendonca
I am blessed to have an awesome team to look after my dental health. Michael and Vanessa at the front desk are always so welcoming and make me feel at ease right away. Michael takes special efforts to do the paperwork and make sure I receive the best possible coverage from my benefits plan. The dental team is very professional and I have confidence in their expertise.
Annette Heikamp
Annette Heikamp
Dr. Brown and his team are amazing. Very accommodating and they take their time and do a great job. I would highly recommend them!
anand kanhe
anand kanhe
Starting from front office, Michael and Vanessa takes good care of you and are considerable in booking a slot for you in busy schedule. I personally have done 3 fillinds and 12 scaling sessions, the results were pretty good. Not t only they treat us but educate to how to maintain oral hygiene in detailed way. My wife and 11 year old kid also went under same treatment and very much satisfied with it. Preeti did a great work for our scaling. Thank you so much for helping my family achieving healthy smiles.
andrew h
andrew h
I've attended this office for a year now. The hygiene team is exceptional with a gentle touch and genuine empathy. Dr. Brown has shown himself to be as capable as his reputation - kind, gentle, skilled, quick, patient, with a great sense of humor. My entire family attend this office and will continue to deal w Dr. Brown and his team

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