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Is Root Canal Covered By Insurance In Canada

Many patients wonder if a root canal Mississauga is covered by insurance.  This is a great question because often they do not know how much will it be and how much they will owe. Because it’s deemed a medical necessity, most dental insurance plans of course cover it.

It’s critical to get surgery as quickly as possible, as the disease can spread from the tooth to the jaw and, in severe cases, to the sinuses and even beyond. The tooth is capped, and a cosmetic filling is put after the doctor removes the diseased or dead pulp with topical anesthesia. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/how-much-does-an-infected-root-canal-cost

Not all dentists perform root canal treatment. And some that do may refer out to an endodontist (specialist) if the case is too complicated. If you are referred out, in most cases, you will require at least two sessions. One (by an endodontist) for root canal treatment, and the other (by your dentist) to extract the artificial filling and replace it with a crown.

Root canal surgery expenses vary greatly depending on where you reside in Ontario.

An employment perk or private insurance plan may provide some help. If you do have a plan, double-check it. For “major dental” procedures like root canal surgery or other dental trauma, the amount it covers depends on the plan and the company you are with. The dental office can help you with that as well if they offer a complimentary benefits check like we do.

The crown portion of the root canal may or may not be covered by your plan. If not, there are a couple of ways to reduce that cost:

  • A Health Spending Account (HSA) allows small company owners in Canada to transform some charges into a pre-tax expenditure through their organization. This can save you more of your money. An HSA is a tax-free benefit available to individuals, self-employed entrepreneurs, and small companies with two or more workers.
  • If you are not a small company owner, you might be able to submit these charges under the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC). It’s a non-refundable government subsidy that you can claim on your tax return. When medical expenses are reimbursed by an insurance plan, only the portion not reimbursed can be claimed.

All you have to do, is call us and we will gladly walk you through your benefits options.