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Is It Better to Extract or Root Canal

This is the timeless question that everyone asks. Ok, no one asks that other than dentist but you should be asking it because t it is a very important one to you and affects you greatly. You see, the professional have to ask that question to prevent further infection in your mouth.

Dental decay is a frequent dental issue that is usually caused by infections and poor oral hygiene. Since every tooth has a delicate core called the pulp, it is susceptible to infection.

Oral infection is no joke and should always be treated with top priority. From bad breath to swelling to severe pain, that is the best case scenario. Left alone, an infection can lead to an abscess and therefore sepsis which is a wide spread infection often called “blood poisoning”. It’s your body’s way of dealing with infection with severe consequences to you and your life. Sepsis is a medical emergency often marked by fever, chills, confusion, shortness of breath and fast heart rate.

Obviously, the goal is to save your tooth so that you can avoid extraction, and keep your natural look and smile, but a dentist is trying to save your whole life as well.

root canal Mississauga may be a nerve wracking experience psychologically before hand as some people with even minor dental anxiety stress about it. To ease your mind, it’s a relatively boring and routine procedure that is over before you know it and you get to keep your natural tooth! Believe me, the patients that come in needing a root canal are more than happy to get it if it’s just to relieve them of the pain and sleepless nights they are experiencing. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/is-a-root-canal-painful

Of course, the dentist can accommodate you if you choose to have it extracted instead (if given the option) but we try as much as we can to keep the original tooth of course because tooth extraction has a bunch of downsides. There is a considerable risk of infection. You’ll have a space in your mouth once the tooth has been pulled. This can serve as a breeding site for germs, resulting in diseases that can swiftly spread to adjacent teeth, necessitating extractions. This space can also lead to jaw bone loss causing other teeth to shift as a result. This could cause a cascade over years of surrounding bone and tooth loss if not remedied right away. 

For the majority of people, a root canal is standard option. In some circumstances, however, tooth extraction is the only solution. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, but the decision should be left to the professional.