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The cost to have your wisdom teeth extracted can be represented by a wide range. Patients often ask about cost but that’s hard to do over the phone or online. What’s important is that to determine a better estimate, we need to perform an oral exam and have x-rays.

That price range is determined by a few factors such as:

Your insurance plan

If you are asking what it would be out of pocket, then that depends on what kind of insurance plan you have. How much does your insurance compensate you based on the procedure. A good dental office can help you with a complimentary insurance benefits check because Wisdom Teeth Removal Mississauga plans can be complicated. With a typical insurance plan, a simple, single tooth extraction can cost between $100 to above $200.

Without insurance, you can expect to pay approximately $200 to $600+ for a simple extraction per tooth. At that point, then you can ask about flexible payment plans, if the office offers them.

How the wisdom tooth sits in your jaw

Another factor that affects the price is the state of the tooth. You can lump them into one of two categories: 

Simple Tooth Extraction

If the wisdom tooth is fully erupted through the gum line and you can see it in your mouth, then it will likely be a much less expensive treatment. This is because it’s already there and easy to access. It’s less invasive and requires less time to remove.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

If the wisdom tooth hasn’t erupted and / or has become impacted, has complicated roots or is disruptive and situated in a disorganized fashion with your second molar, then it’s going to require more care, more expertise, more time and therefore be at the higher range of price.

Sedation required

how much is used and what type will affect the cost.

Upper or lower jaw

The upper jaw is easier to extract from than the lower jaw.  

For all 4 wisdom teeth, refer here to find out cost: https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/how-much-does-it-cost-to-get-all-4-wisdom-teeth-removed-canada

Every case is different (did you know some people have NO wisdom teeth?) so it’s vital to get a dentist to perform that exam and x-rays so we know what situation we are dealing with and can offer you treatment options.