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Typically, tongue tie surgery is done at the dental office like ours Frenectomy Mississauga which is paid from your insurance or your pocket (financing is available for bigger treatments). That means that OHIP wouldn’t cover the cost of this treatment. 

OHIP is run by the government and stands for the “Ontario Health Insurance Plan”. It is used by those who live in Ontario and meet the requirements. It’s typically reserved for medical procedures and not dental. Over time, because OHIP is covered by taxes, it has been covering less and less services and treatments due to budgetary constraints. However, there are some tongue tie procedures for infants that can be done at a medical office and those are covered by OHIP. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/is-a-frenectomy-covered-by-insurance/

Of course, every insurance provider has multiple plans and their coverage of your treatment depends on what plan and what company you are with. We would be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary benefit check. We could go over your plan with you and check to see if you are covered. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/how-much-does-a-frenectomy-cost-in-ontario/

The best course of action is to book a consultation to assess how complicated the tongue tie, lip tie or cheek tie the patient is, then go from there.