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Dental Implants have been around in various forms for thousands of years. From the ivory or metal of ancient Egypt, the carved bamboo of ancient Chinese, humans are no stranger to replacing missing teeth. With their barbaric methods back then to place teeth implants, it must have hurt a lot.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, Dental Implants in Mississauga don’t hurt at all.  However, that doesn’t stop patients from asking “How painful is getting a tooth implant?” if it’s their first time. To answer that question, let’s go over the of the implant treatment so you know what to expect in terms of pain.

Your Initial Pain-Free Teeth Implant Consultation


First, the dentist will do an exam and take some x-rays of your jaw and teeth to see how things are arranged and if you have the bone density needed for the implants. Between this and the consultation afterwards to discuss your options, the only pain you might feel is from some bad jokes told by the dental staff.

Pain Free Dental Implant Procedure


There are 3 steps for the teeth implant surgery:

Step 1: Once you are seated in the chair and you feel comfortable, you will be numbed with local anesthetic. Treatment doesn’t begin until you are fully numb. Depending on the level of dental anxiety, some patients want to be put to sleep for this appointment but in general, a local numbing agent is all that is needed.

Step 2: The Titanium implant is placed in your gums and jaw bone.

Step 3:  A healing cap is placed on top of the implant to keep it safe and secure while you wait for it to heal – a few months.

After the Replacement Tooth is in Your Jaw


After the local anesthetic wears off, there could be some minor discomfort or pain for a few days depending on the nature of the implant solution you received. We can help you with some pain medication if that is the case.

For the rest of the time, until the implant has integrated and fused into your jawbone, there shouldn’t be any pain at all but the occasional discomfort. We constantly are in contact with you to monitor your situation but for most, it’s a comfortable procedure.

Then, after healing once the crown is put on, you will enjoy decades pain free as if the tooth was natural and always with you.  Having implants shouldn’t ever hurt. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/do-dental-implants-last-forever 

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