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Can Dentists Treat Root Canals

Absolutely. Some dentists have learned and practiced how to perform the root canal Mississauga and can help you. All you have to do is ask the office if you are unsure and they can set you up with a consultation and advise you from there.

Sometimes the case becomes complicated and that can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it’s due to the patient’s age (really young or really old), location of tooth, how bad the infection is or any other complications. Even with high-powered microscopy and imaging devices, narrow canals in molars and premolars might be occluded or harder to identify. Furthermore, it may be difficult to clean canal networks with complicated anatomies properly with typical root canal therapy).  

When the case gets to that level, the general dentist may refer to a Endodontist (a root canal specialist). If you are referred to the specialist, you would usually go there for the root canal treatment and then back to your family dentist for the filling or crown to seal the exposed tooth. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/how-long-do-root-canals-last

For most people however, the dentist can do the root canal in the office so the patient doesn’t have to go to another location, saving them time and convenience. The decision however, is always left to the professional and is not a decision for the patient given the severity of the emergency that necessitates most root canals.

Of course, patients always have questions and a good dental office will be there to answer them and guide the patient with the best possible treatment so that they may 1) get healthy, 2) stay healthy and 3) give them the normalcy in life quality they had before. Whether that’s ensuring they continue to eat the foods they used to eat or their teeth and smile to cosmetically look natural like before. Anytime you have questions, call us for free, friendly advice.