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Some dentists are able to perform wisdom tooth extractions in their office. Usually, they deal with the bulk of the simple extraction cases. This is done for your convenience because it saves time and is preferred by most patients. The appointments are around 45 minutes.

All you have to do is ask the office if you are unsure. The office can go over your exam and x-rays and determine if Wisdom Teeth Removal Mississauga can be done in office or sent to a specialist.  The specialist you would be referred to is called an oral surgeon and that’s done if it’s a complicated case. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/how-much-does-it-cost-to-have-wisdom-teeth-removed-ontario/

For simple cases, the wisdom teeth are usually erupted through the gum line and are visible when you look in the mirror. These are the least expensive and easiest to treat. The treatment is also less invasive and requires less time to remove the tooth.

For complicated cases, such as if the wisdom teeth are sideways in your jaw, or are impacted, or have complicated root structures or sitting awkwardly, then if the dentist doesn’t feel like they can complete treatment in the office, they will need to refer you to an oral surgeon. https://www.peeldentist.com/posts/is-wisdom-teeth-removal-covered-canada/

For most people however, the dentist can extract the wisdom teeth in the office.

If you have questions, then by all means, let us know. We offer free, friendly advice and are always here to help you. We want you to have a healthy and happy mouth for your lifetime.

For most, wisdom teeth extractions are such a short and inconsequential 2 weeks of their lives, that they are happy to get it done and over with.