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Is Mississauga Ontario a Good Place to Live?

We will just say it straight out – yes, it’s the best! As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada over the last 40 years, Mississauga has seen rapid change. Going from what were a collection of districts to a unified city with an established culture and growing population, driven by the influx of Fortune 500 businesses setting up headquarters in the municipality.

But for those thinking about Mississauga, none of that matters unless it is a good place to live. With so much to offer for all ages, it really is one of the best places to build a life in Canada, here are four standout reasons why you should think about moving to Mississauga:

It’s great for your career

With 60 of the top Fortune 500 companies having headquarters in Mississauga, jobs come high on the list of reasons to live in the city. But it is not just because there are a broad range of well paid, quality jobs in the science and technology fields within Mississauga itself that make it such a 

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    Photo by Terry Ozon, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    good location. It has extensive travel options that make a commute to Toronto relatively simple too, dramatically increasing the number of career options you have from a home in the city.

    In fact, Mississauga has close to double the percentage of its population with STEM Degrees than any other city in Canada. If you are an entrepreneur, those travel links are just as important, and with Toronto Pearson International Airport on the doorstep, it is perfect for international business travel too. When it comes to building a career as well as a life, Mississauga has everything.

    It’s great for relaxing and enjoy life

     Life is about more than work though, so while it is important to have those career opportunities, you also need to have options for enjoying life outside work, relaxing and having fun. With close to 500 parks and recreational areas along with 22 Km of waterside landscape, if you love the outdoor lifestyle then there is everything you need right on your doorstep.


    There are a wide choice of quality restaurants catering to all tastes too, a vibrant nightlife and plenty more to keep you occupied. Places like Celebration Square are great for regular community events including artistic exhibitions, concerts and more, and is filled to create a wonderful ice rink in the winter. Whatever you love to do, there is something for you in Mississauga.

    It’s great for families

    From safe neighborhoods where you can raise a family with confidence to excellent educational facilities and superb healthcare, if you are building a life, then Mississauga has it all. According to Maclean’s Magazine, the city has a Crime Severity Index of 44, compared to 70 nationally for Canada, with violent crime rated 54, compared to 75 nationally.

    Homes here tend to sit on larger plots than most cities in the country, with the average house having around 10% larger plot than in Toronto for instance. More space and a real sense of community are really noticeable and definitely make Mississauga a wonderful place to live.

    With neighborhoods offering an incredible variety of living experiences too, from the eclectic Streetsville to the quiet Erindale, whatever you are looking for is right here in Mississauga.

    Cost of Living

    Renting an apartment or condo in Mississauga is around 10% cheaper than a similar property in Toronto, but savings don’t stop there. Buying a home in the city is cheaper too, you get a bigger home and plot for your money, while retaining access to the many recreational and park areas that make it feel such a relaxing place to live.

    Property taxes are also relatively low, with the overall tax burden for residents consistently some of the lowest in the region. Mississauga remains one of the most affordable cities to live in with a wide range of options for all.

    It’s Our Home

    We at Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates are proud to be a Mississauga dentist now for over 30 years. We called it our home in the early 90’s and we have been at the same location since – right next to Square One Shopping Centre. If you have any questions about this beautiful city, feel free to reach out.