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Best Neighbourhoods to buy a House in Mississauga Ontario

What defines a great neighbourhood? Is it the variety of homes for sale on wide, tree lined streets? Is it close proximity to public transportation? Is it surroundings of green space and water close by? Or is it, ultimately, the schools in a neighbourhood that are the winning factor when deciding where to live?

Everyone defines a great neighbourhood differently, depending on what stage their lives are in and what matters to them – now, but in the future, too.

Mississauga, Ontario is a city that has a neighbourhood for everyone. There is one right on the shores of Lake Ontario. Another that speaks to the most affluent home buyers. In fact, Mississauga has a neighbourhood for virtually every individual or family, whether they’re just getting started or getting ready to downsize to a smaller place.

Mississauga has a total of 22 neighbourhoods within the city. Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates, a Mississauga dentist, has put together this guide to the top 4 neighborhoods to live in. Here is a look at the top 5, and what makes each one appealing to residents.

Top 5 Mississauga Neighbourhoods to Buy a House

Downtown Mississauga (City Centre)

This is the locale for young, urban professionals (single or not) who want to be close to galleries, restaurants and other cultural venues. Plenty of events are held right in the heart of this neighbourhood, at Celebration Square. It’s also ideal for older folks who are looking to downsize into a condo from a large family home. Downtown has condos and apartments, but in fact there are no single family homes in this district.

Of course, who could forget walking distance to Square One Shopping Centre, one of Canada’s most iconic and second largest mall.

City Centre is also on the doorstep of Mississauga’s Municipal Transit System, called MiWay Service, so getting around is a snap. In fact, getting around all the neighbourhoods in Mississauga is easy because of its excellent public transportation. Condos start at around $600,000.

Complete with good roads, buying a house in this neighborhood is the desire of many rich people and close to many nearby resources

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    Photo by Terry Ozon, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Port Credit

    This neighbourhood is right on the shores of Lake Ontario, and residents boast that it feels like a true community, almost a small town right in the midst of a city. This area makes the most of its waterfront scenery, with a boardwalk, harbour, and lots of other attractions close to the shore. Condos here can be found for approximately $850,000, but single family homes are often well over a million dollars – or two!


    Erindale is renowned for the quality of its schools, and for the abundant green space and easy access to public transportation. The University of Toronto Mississauga campus is located here too. Homes are priced in the range of $1.4 million to $1.8, depending on the size of the lot and, of course, other amenities. This is a hugely popular neighbourhood for affluent families. Erindale has features among the top neighborhoods in Mississauga Ontario.

    Lorne Park

    This is the neighbourhood that caters to the highest income earners in Mississauga. Homes are spacious and grand, on large lots on tree lined streets. Houses are spaced quite far apart, and residents laud the area for its peacefulness and privacy. Homes sell for $2.5 million and more in Lorne Park.


    This is a community of homes on the west side of the city with plenty of detached and semi-detached houses available for families of all sizes. It has schools, parks and plenty of nature trails close by. This neighbourhood appeals to young, growing families because the property lots tend to be quite large. In 2021, the average home price in Sheridan was approximately $1.8 million, though that may have dropped slightly this year with the cooling of the Canadian real estate market.

    Mississauga is a Vibrant, Growing City

    These are only a few of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Mississauga, Canada’s sixth largest city, the third largest in Ontario. Mississauga is growing steadily, and is one of the country’s most vibrant places. The neighbourhoods within it reflect the thriving, affluent population that has chosen to make the city home. No doubt there is a the right living space for you in Mississauga too – close to green space, water, cultural venues, employment opportunities, and so much more.