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History of Mississauga – Local Resource Guide


This guide was created by Dr. Bobby Brown and Associates, a Dentist near Mississauga Ontario, to help our patients learn more about the local area.

Unlike some of Canada’s oldest cities – Montreal, for example, or Toronto – Mississauga was formally created just 55 years ago, in 1968. It may not have the cobblestone streets and ancient landmarks of a place like Quebec City, but it is much more than simply a suburb of Toronto.

Mississauga hums with vitality and is symbolic of Canada’s reputation as a country made for new beginnings. It has a population of approximately 730,000 – half of whom are visible minorities. Mississauga is a vibrant city with unique features all its own, having long ago shed its reputation as solely a bedroom community of Toronto. Today, Mississauga is all grown up, drawing visitors and new residents to its tree lined streets and lively cultural scene.

The streets pulse with festivals, museums, shopping centres like Square One Shopping Centre and green spaces. It has become a destination city for many arriving in Canada to make new lives, as well as folks from other provinces who want proximity to Toronto without the high cost of living and sky high real estate prices. 

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    Photo by Bob Linsdell, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Modern Mississauga Ontario

    Because Mississauga is now fully established, large housing projects are no longer viable within its borders. But the real estate available is ideal for families looking to grow beyond the confines of apartment living.

    The last, large housing project built in Mississauga is called Churchill Meadows neighborhood. Of the 24 housing developments in Mississauga, Churchill Meadows is one of its loveliest – single family homes, townhouses and apartments mingle to create a community that’s close to excellent schools, shopping malls and plenty of small and medium sized businesses. Although the homes in this district are selling for well over a million dollars today, there are still some deals to be found. A condo for half a million, perhaps? Or a townhouse for just under one million? Churchill Meadows is an example of everything done right in housing construction, and residents there praise the quality of their homes and cherish the friends and neighbours they come to know while residing there.

    Industrial Development

    Mississauga is fewer than 25 kilometres from Toronto, and it’s easy to make the trip either by train, bus, car or light rail transit. Many residents of Mississauga commute to Toronto daily for their jobs, but there are plenty of employment opportunities closer to home. Mississauga boasts high tech industries, pharmaceutical and bio-medical plants, and plenty of retail spaces. In fact, some residents and visitors never leave the confines of Mississauga because there is so much to do and see in the city!

    Festivals, for example. While the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) draws people not just from neighbouring cities like Mississauga but folks from across the globe, there are many festivals held close to home. Take, for example, Maple Magic, held each March to celebrate all things maple. Tap a tree, eat a stack of pancakes drenched in fresh maple syrup or buy treats to take home.  There is no more Canadian tradition than this, and the annual pilgrimage to Quebec, once the sole purveyor of this tasty treat, isn’t necessary anymore. Now, residents of and visitors to Mississauga can enjoy this delight right in their own neighborhood.

    And mark the Carassauga Festival of Cultures on your calendar this coming May, 2023.  Each year, pavilions celebrating the many ethnic backgrounds of Mississauga residents proudly host  art exhibits and offer cuisines representing the many countries in the city’s demographics. People from all over Ontario flock to Mississauga to participate in this multi-day celebration.

    Mississauga is Canada’s sixth largest city, the third largest in Ontario. It is home to the country’s largest airport, Pearson International.

    Its waterfront area, Lakefront Promenade Park, is one of the province’s most envied green spaces, a place for families to gather whether they are celebrating an event or just out for a Sunday stroll. Activities available in this district on the shores of Lake Ontario include sailing, canoeing, hiking and swimming – depending on how cold the water is!

    Mississauga is truly a jewel in Ontario’s crown. It is a city for everyone, with everything, that has managed to retain its small town feel. In just over five decades, it has blossomed from the status of a Toronto suburb to a thriving city all its own, making it a top destination to visit or live in within the wider region.

    Mississauga welcomes everyone, no matter where they’re from – another city, another province, or another country.