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Whiter Teeth for Life

 Special teeth whitening for life offer – expires soon

Dear Friend,

Can you do me a favour? I’m concerned about your teeth – please have a look at them. Do you see any discolourations, stains or grayish/yellowish colours?

If you feel they could be whiter, then we have put together a special whitening package for you and your family that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face for the rest of your life

Here’s How it Works:

You see, the problem with professional whitening is twofold: 1. Some people say it is too expensive and 2. You have to give up coffee, tea and anything else that stains your teeth forever to keep them white. This can be unrealistic unless you have your teeth whitened every time you are here.

And because one whitening session is $300 or more each time, whitening for the rest of your life would cost you thousands.  Well, what if you could have whiter teeth the rest of your life, not for thousands, hundreds or even $100…What if it was only $97 flat onetime fee?

Not per month, year or anything like that.  Just pay once and every time you come in for your hygiene appointment, you would get whitening for free and not have to worry about giving up your favourite drinks, foods or anything else.

And this isn’t the obviously low-cost whitening you find in the stores.  This is the stronger, faster acting whitening that you can only get from a dental office.

So what’s the catch?  There are 4 and a half, and they are quite reasonable:

1. You must be a patient of ours and come in for your recommended hygiene appointments.
2. You must give us 48 hours notice if you plan to cancel an appointment.
3. You must reserve your spot before Aug 13, 2014.
4. Write an honest Google review for us (it’s f-r-e-e and takes less than 3 minutes – details at the bottom)
4 1/2. Tell your friends and family about it 🙂

There are two reasons we are doing this for you:   1. Due to the bad economy. Everywhere you look its doom and gloom.  A good way to feel better is to have a glowing smile…to encourage smiling more often and feeling great! 🙂 2. We value you.  We want to be with you for a long time keeping you and your family healthy and happy. After all, if you are happy you will recommend us to other people, won’t you?

Here’s what to do next

In order to get whitening every-time you come in for the rest of your life, simply write the review online in Google, and then have your credit card ready and reserve your spot now before the deadline by phoning the special VIP number: 905-267-4022 to speak directly to us.  Even if you aren’t due to come in for a while, you have to reserve your spot now. And the next time you come in for your hygiene appointment, we will begin your whitening treatment.

We know you and your family will enjoy this special offer from us.  But you must hurry to reserve your spot.


Dr. Bobby Brown and team

How to Review Dr. Bobby Brown in Google

4 quick and easy steps to rate our office from your computer or phone:

1. Go to Google.ca (!!you must be at www.Google.ca!!), type in “Bobby Brown dentist” then click search.
2. Click the link that says “Write a Review” (computer) or “Rate this”(blueish/white box on a smart phone) under our office name
3. Login to your Google account or follow the steps they show to create your own account (takes about a minute).
4. A box will appear for you to review us. Select the number of stars, then write your   review in the box (example: what you think of the office & staff or your experience here) and then click the Publish button!  That’s it!

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